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Dr Rekha Tyagi


Welcome to this website of Pandit Chiranji Lal Sharma Government College, Karnal. Our basic mantra is Swadhyayat Ma Pramadah, which inspires us for continuous introspection as well as illuminates our path of life. Swadhyaya means self-analysis, because without introspection, we cannot reach any higher goal. It is written in Shatpath Brahmin that water flows because flowing is its religion. Sun, Moon, constellations are dynamic because it is their nature to remain dynamic, that is, which work given to them, it has to keep doing that work continuously. Similarly, in student life, students should also continuously put their energy in positive works and in learning, as their welfare lies in it. The main objective of education has been physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual and social development. Our college is constantly striving to fulfill this objective. Many students educated from the college are making us proud at the national and international level in various fields. I am sure that the students taking admission in the new session of the college will also enhance the glory and fame of our college. I wish that all the students succeed in achieving their golden goal.