Center of Excellence cum Incubation Centre at Pt. CLS Government College, Sector – 14, Karnal


Center of Excellence cum Incubation Centre at Pt. Chiranji Lal Sharma Government College, Sector – 14, Karnal under the guidance of Department of Higher Education Haryana is working relentlessly to develop a framework that instills practical experience in the educational framework and encourages college students to take up entrepreneurship at college level.

The Endeavour of this Incubation Center is to bring awareness amongst students about choosing Entrepreneurship as the right career option. It give students the opportunity to be exposed at grass roots level and encourages them to walk on the path of job creators while at the same time sensitizing them about the challenges that Startups face.

grass-root, young, aspiring entrepreneur looks for basic knowledge on various aspects on starting a business. He/she need sincere hand holding, it could be legal help in constituting his business, advisory, cash flow and accounts, team building, building knowledge, skill matching for his business, funding guidance and source, branding and marketing knowledge and tools, technology compliance and more startup-based concepts. All these requirements are answered at the Center of Excellence cum Incubation Center.

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Monthly Impact Report of Incubation cum Center of Excellence

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